So happy you found yourself here at my website. Here’s a little peek into my world as a Nashville-based singer, songwriter and performer. Hope my music will make you smile, make you think, make you laugh, or even make you dream. Most of all, I hope it makes you want to listen and want more “where that came from”.


The idea of being a performer started really early–ever since I was 4 years old and I’ve never turned back! My musical calling manifested itself in various mediums with performances in talent shows, pageants, Kiwanis Club and D. A. R. meetings, business conferences, singing the National Anthem at sporting events, weddings, funerals, private parties, church, community theatre to professional stage work and cabaret shows.

My earliest “seedlings” of songwriting came to me in the form of original campaign songs in school elections, composing jingles for different contests, and concocting quirky answering machine ditties. It wasn’t until I’d learned the art of improvisation in writing music thru the Yamaha Electone Series courses, that I seriously started putting pen to paper and began marrying lyrics to melodies and chords. I guess my first real foray into writing came, as I penned the Alma Mater for our first-ever graduating class at Scotlandville Magnet High, where I was a graduating senior. Following closely on its heels, was the composition of our “senior song”, called “The First Goodbye” It’s official–I’ve been bitten by the writing bug now.

Full Bloom

Fast forward and I’ve graduated college with a BA in Vocal Performance from Louisiana State University, met my husband, a Jazz Trumpet player and started on this pot hole filled road to becoming a recording artist. “Operation Nashville or Bust” was in high gear as I began peddling my self penned first demo to small market stations outside my hometown of Baton Rouge and found myself getting airplay regionally. This definitely whet my appetite for more and I began marking my course for Nashville. An invitation to attend a songwriting conference, “Song Camp 101” (link to NSAI) was all the extra encouragement needed to make the final leap. While attending these workshops, I sensed this was exactly where I needed to be and have felt at home ever since!

I am currently living out my life long dream of writing and performing, expecting a BIG hit anytime now! Meanwhile, please draw your own conclusions by listening to some of my work. Stay tuned, as there is always something “blooming” and waiting to be heard.